CBD, in full cannabidiol is a chemical that has recently gained popularity and has with time changed peoples view on use of marijuana as a medical supplement. It has recently gained much attention due to its riches in medicinal use with so many studies with facts proving that it is indeed a legitimate supplement. Other than the recent discoveries hemp oil has in the past been used traditionally and not just a recent modern of well packed medicine extract  that comes with prescriptions and composition.


CBD came popularised to the public when many articles arose stating that the discovered effect of canabidiol could treat dangerous diseases such as cancer and also be used as a pain reliever. THC being the most popular chemical in the marijuana plant there is a big difference in purpose since THC gets you high while CBD is the healing or medicinal chemical in the plant. CBD will also not have the same effects on your body as those caused by THC.

The key ingredients in cannabis with the importance of THC and cbd dabs, they are both available in huge amounts all in the cannabis plant whether home grown or collected in the fields. With the need for CBD other than THC which has known side effects, breeders are making this changes to the plant causing it to have more CBD levels than THC making these kind of strains to become more known to consumers day by day.


The psychoactive part of cannabis is the THC hence CBD will not give you the same effect. They are processed in to CBD oil or capsules but remain to be the same CBD you find in the plant. While you consume CBD in the processed form you will not interfere with your psychological functions of the brain and wont experience the same effect as that one you have when you smoke THC and make it pass through your brain system. CBD is a safe extract from cannabis but will not get you high and is a 100% medicinal value. To gain more knowledge the benefits CBD oil, go to


Huge amounts of THC in cannabis is what causes one to feel sleepy and get high but the CBD if itself gets to be in huge amounts will make you feel more alert and not high or sleepy, it gives the THC strains low presence and becomes dormant allowing the CBD work alone as medicine. With the many forms of CBD oil such as liquids, sprays, capsules and ointments. It is you the consumer to choose the best for you since some will not like the taste and will prefer using the externally applied ones. Click for more details.